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Up to 50% Less with No Mess! Quartz Clad Quartz Overlay Countertops

QuartzClad was developed back in 2005 as an alte rnative to tearing out existing countertops for two reasons - First, minimize the collateral damage that results from removing existing countertops, the dust and the downtime of not having a functional kitchen. Secondly, by reducing the overall cost of material and labor. The end result is a more economical and earth friendly countertop with a thick edge appearance and more durable surface. QuartzClad has partnered top brand names such as Silestone and Cambria for material. All fabrication is done in our state-of-the-art facility and installed by QuartzClad trained installers.

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Many Colors Available

Cambria aberdeen.jpgCambria argon.jpgCambria full_swatch_0210.jpgCambria full_swatch_0361.jpgCambria full_swatch_0380.jpgCambria full_swatch_0810.jpgCambria full_swatch_0850.jpgCambria full_swatch_1210.jpgCambria full_swatch_1230.jpgCambria full_swatch_1250.jpgCambria full_swatch_1350.jpgCambria full_swatch_1510.jpg
More Colors

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